What's up, yall!

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Thank you for visiting my merch shop for all this Jeez Loueez! 

***Due to Covid-19 all shipments may be delayed***

I've gotten most of everything up including magnets, stickers, and new Jeezy's Juke Joint t-shirts! As you may know, our 9th annual festival weekend has been canceled/postponed due to the current pandemic we are all facing. Our team as worked so hard for this years festivities and this has been a devastating blow. But safety and health are the most important things to focus on right now! 

Entertainers and nightlife workers have been hit hard by the mandatory closing of our venues. Gig economy workers are left to wonder what's next, how we will bounce back, how we will survive being suddenly jobless, and what's going to look different in our industry in the coming months.

My hope is that although we won't be able to have the festival next week, we can still sell the cute merchandise to benefit our JJJ performers from around the country!

I appreciate your patience and support during this crazy time!